Global Energy Trading Platform

We share the sustainable concept of H2-Industries to make renewable energy available reliably to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Making renewables reliable.

Global Energy Trading Platform GET-P

H2-Industries’ LOHC technology makes renewable energy available reliably. An essential part of the revolutionary technology of our parent company is the global energy trade, which makes CO2-free energy usable worldwide. Our Global Energy Trading Platform (GET-P) will bring together consumers, prosumers and producers and will enable direct LOHC energy trading, free of bureaucracy and high transaction costs. In addition, our platform will help independent producers earn money with their emission free electricity.

We, the Global Energy Trading Foundation GmbH (GET-Foundation), a subsidiary of H2-Industries SE, will enable CO2-free energy trading. The GET Foundation will design and build the first platform for trading CO2-free energy based on LOHC. Depending on applicable national regulations, it will also be possible to trade directly electricity or green certificates. Exclusive access to the energy trading platform is granted to owners of GET tokens (utility token), which will be based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Each token represents 1 Kilowatt (1kW) installed power which enables to trade 24 kWh per day. Overall, we will provide a sufficient number of tokens to actively support the replacement of the existing world installed power of fossil power plants of roughly five Terawatt (5TW) installed power.

GET tokens allow a decentralized purchase and sale of renewable energy on our global trading platform. You can purchase GET tokens in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the first half year of 2019. Register now to receive timely information on the ICO and the launch of the GET platform.


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